Theory of Relative Originality🗽

  1. Perfect world — Distant world (method man)
  2. Gimme Shelter — Gimme Basics (Rolling Stones)
  3. No woman, no cry — No police, no die (bob marley)
  4. Pursuit of happiness — Pursuit of equality (kid cudi)
  5. Black or White — Black and White (Michael Jackson)
  6. Rat Race — Hamster Wheel (Bob Marley)
  7. Cash rules everything around me — Cash ruins everything around me ( Wu Tang Clan) *C.R.E.A.M
  8. Congratulations — Congratulations, You’ve Been Evicted (Post Malone)
  9. Happy Anywhere — Poverty Everywhere (Blake shelton)
  10. If I Ruled The World — If She Ruled The World (Nas)
  11. Jailhouse Rock — Jailhouse Racket (Elvis Presley)
  12. I’ve been everywhere — I’ve done every drug (Johnny cash) *dad cred.
  13. People are strange — People are estranged (the doors)
  14. Good kid, M.A.A.D. City — Bad Kid, S.A.D.D. City (kendrick lamar) *Sons And Daughters of Divorce
  15. Whats your Fantasy? — Whats your Famtasy? (Ludacris)
  16. Donald trump — Freddy Trump (macmiller)
  17. White american — New america (Eminem)
  18. The World Is Yours — The World Is Your Baby (Nas)
  19. Oo baby I like it raw — Oo baby I like to draw (ol’ dirty bastard)
  20. The way i am — The way we are (tEminem)
  21. Dead wrong — Dead broke (BIG)
  22. Back to cali — Back to Nature (BIG)
  23. Have Faith — Have Fun (Limp Bizkit)
  24. What is Love? — What if Love… (Haddaway)
  25. Blinded by the light — Blinded by the fight (bbruce Springsteen)
  26. Mo money, Mo problems — Mo money, No problems (BIG)
  27. Pale blue eyes — Pale Blue Dot (Lou reed) *Carl Sagan
  28. Everyday struggle — Everyday snuggle (BIG)
  29. The brightside — The Softside (lilpeep)
  30. Wish you were gay — Wish We Were Gay (billy eilish)
  31. War in my head — Movie in my mind (Society Anxiety)*Jack Kerouac
  32. Times they are a-changin —Crimes they are a-changin (bob Dylan)
  33. To my unborn child — To my unborn grandchild (2pac)
  34. Best day ever — Rest day never (macmiller)
  35. Based World — Plant Based (lil b)
  36. I’m god — I’m Art (lil b)
  37. Maybe baby — Wavy baby (Buddy Holly)
  38. Amish Paradise — Artist Paradise (Weird al)
  39. 10 crack commandments — 10 Cap Commandments (BIG) *Capitalism
  40. Be Yourself — See Yourself (Audioslave)
  41. Love yourself — Fear Yourself (Justin Bieber)
  42. Guard your heart — Project your heart (1GN)
  43. Hate the other side — Hear the other side (juice wrld)
  44. Street Knowledge — Street Povver (Ghostface*)
  45. No respect — No neglect (lilpeep)
  46. She get it from her mama — He get it from his papa (juvenile)
  47. Dear mama — Dear papa (2pac)
  48. Daddy issues — Daddy’s Issues (pouya)
  49. Respect yourself — Reflect yourself (the staple singers)
  50. Ready to die — Ready to fly (BIG)
  51. 24 hours to live — 24 years to live (ruff Ryders)
  52. Apple of My Eye — Big Apple of My Eye (Rick Ross)
  53. Giving girls cocaine — Tryna Feel Okay (lilpeep)
  54. Wishing well — Wish ’em well (juice wrld)
  55. Lean wit me — Team wit me (juice wrld)
  56. I want to break free — I want to break lease (queen)
  57. All eyez on me — All eyez on us (2pac)
  58. Trauma town (Little hell, lilpeep)
  59. In The Ghetto — In The Suburbs (Elvis Presley)
  60. Musical chairs — Musical pairs (macmiller)
  61. I Saw The Sign — I Made A Scene (Ace of Base)
  62. A mille — Fa mille (lil wayne)
  63. I’m in love with a stripper — I’m in love with an artist (T-pain)
  64. I want to ride my bicycle — I need to ride my bicycle (queen)
  65. Blame Game — Blame Lame (yeezy)
  66. Confident — Calmfident (justin bieber)
  67. The way i see things — The way i saw things (lilpeep)
  68. Y.M.C.A. — R.I.L.Y. (The village people)
  69. Stay high — Say hi (Juice wrld)
  70. Stop snitchin — Start pitchin (YG)
  71. Isn’t she lovely — Isn’t she funny (Stevie Wonder)
  72. Stuck with you — Stick with you (justin beibers)
  73. DipSet — TripSit (Juelz Santana)
  74. POPSTAR — POVSTAR (DJ Khalid)
  75. Look thru my eyes — Look Thru My Glasses (DMX)
  76. Pop bottles — Pop bubbles (birdman)
  77. Still fly — Still Shy (Big Tymers)
  78. Conversations — Conversessions (Juice Wrld)
  79. Sexual Healing — Financial Healing (Marvin gaye)
  80. Baller Blockin’ — Caller Blockin’ (Cash Money Millionaires)
  81. Right hand to god — Right Hand to Fam (Nipsey hussle)
  82. Get At Me Dog — Get At Me God (DMX)
  83. Livin on a prayer — Livin in a bubble (bon jovi)
  84. Sad songs, say so much — Bad songs, say no new (Elton John)
  85. White Iverson — White Lie-verson (Post Malone)
  86. Heavy Heart — Heavy Hate (Meek Mill)
  87. The Chronic — Chronic Pain (Dr. Dre)
  88. Right here, right now — Right here, right meow (Fatboy slim)
  89. Role Model — Role Play (Eminem)
  90. Brain Damage — Brain Massage (Eminem)
  91. As The World Turns — As The World Burns (Eminem)
  92. Sinnerman — Synonyms (Nina Simone)
  93. Back to Black — Back to Whack (Amy Winehouse)
  94. Everlasting Love — Existential Love (Love Affair)
  95. My Fault — My Faults (Eminem)
  96. Ante Up — Artner Up (M.O.P.)
  97. Killing Me Softly — Healing Me Softly (Lauryn Hill)
  98. Survival of the fittest — Survival of The Fatte$t (Mobb Deep)
  99. Children’s Story — Parent’s Story (Slick Rick)
  100. Regulate — Reconstruct (Warren G & Nate Dogg)
  101. Brooklyn Zoo — Brooklyn Prison (Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
  102. Hate Me Now — Hear me now (Nas ft. Puff Daddy)
  103. Coincidance — Confidance (Luke Rigby)
  104. Still Not a Player — Still Not a Hater (Big Pun)
  105. Toy Soldiers — Boy Soldiers (Eminem)
  106. Hard Times — Heart times (Baby Huey)
  107. This Is How We Do It — This Is How We Duet (Montell Jordan)
  108. A Life in the Day of — A Day in the Eyes of (André 3000)
  109. Should I Stay or Should I Go — Could I Stay or Could I Go (The Clash)
  110. Somebody To Love — Somebody To Hug (Justin Bieber)
  111. Good Vibrations — Could Vibrations (Marky Mark)
  112. Institutionalized — Finstitutionalized (Societal Tendencies) *Financialization
  113. No Such Thing As The Real World — No Such Thing As Corruption (John Mayer)
  114. $ave Dat Money — Pay Yo Taxe$ (Lil Dicky) *Bezos diss
  115. Need You Now — Need New Now (Lady Antebellum)
  116. Gone Till November — Gone in November (Wyclef Jean) *political diss
  117. I Need A Doctor — I Need A President (Dr. Dre)
  118. Need me — Knead me (J.I.)
  119. You need to calm down — We Need To Calm Down (Taylor Shift)
  120. Hustlin’ — Stumblin’ (Rick Ross)
  121. Veins — Chains (Lil peep)
  122. Hello, I love You — Goodbye, I love you (The Doors)
  123. Party in the C.I.A. — Party in the N.S.A (Weird Al)
  124. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun — Guys Just Wanna Tote Guns (Cyndi Lauper)
  125. Everything You Know Is Wrong — Everyone You Know Is Gone (Weird Al)
  126. JU$T — TRU$T (Run The Jewels)
  127. Testify — Gamify (Rage Against The Machine)
  128. i don’t wanna waste my time — I don’t wanna waste my mind (joji)
  129. Ego Death — Eco Death (ITSOKTOCRY)
  130. B-Movie — See Movies (Gil Scott-Heron)
  131. Grow Old With You — Grow Old With Fam (Adam Sandler)
  132. Street Dreams — Psychedelic Dreams (Nas)
  133. Home Is Where The Hatred Is — Home Is Where The Hurt Is (Gil Scott-Heron)
  134. Emotionally Scarred — Emotionally Scared (Lil Baby)
  135. Life is Beautiful — Life is Comical (Lil Peep)
  136. Do you believe in Art? (Do you believe in God? $uicideboy$)
  137. Family, Incorporated (Murder Incorporated, Bruce Springsteen)
  138. Loyalty — Honesty (Youngboy NBA)
  139. Hit Em Up — Hit Me Up (2pac)
  140. Best Friend — First Friend (Yelawolf)
  141. Bad Guy — Sad Guy (Billie Eilish)
  142. Story To Tell — Story To Sell (Ja Rule)
  143. How Many Licks? — How Many Lies? (Lil Kim) *politician diss
  144. Count On Your N**** — Count On Your Neighbor (Ja Rule)
  145. Dead Presidents — No Presidents (Jay-Z)
  146. Rage Against Time (Race Against Time, Ja Rule)
  147. Perfect Timing — Perfect Spacing (YG)
  148. Good News — Good Blues (Mac Miller)
  149. Armed And Dangerous — Armed And Angerous (Juice Wrld)
  150. Drugz — Hugz (Lil Peep)
  151. Cry Alone — Cry Together (Lil Peep)
  152. How Long Does Famous Last? — How Long Does Family Last? (G-Eazy)
  153. I Can — I Could (Nas)
  154. With Or Without You — With And Without You (U2)
  155. Poor Choices — Door Choices (DC The Don)
  156. Talk Me Down — Talkin’ Down (Uncle Sam MC)
  157. Almost Famous — Almost Family (G Eazy)
  158. Mentality — Zentality (Jay IDK)
  159. U.N.I.T.Y. — P.E.A.C.E. (Queen Latifah) *people everywhere are created equal
  160. Good Cop, Bad Cop — Sad Cop, Mad Cop (Ice Cube)
  161. F*** the police — Replace the police (NWA)
  162. I ain’t Mad at Cha — I Ain’t Sad At Cha (2pac)
  163. Express Yourself — Surprise Yourself (NWA)
  164. M.e.t.h.o.d. Man — F.a.m.i.l.y. Man (Method Man)
  165. Books of War — Box of Words (MF Doom)
  166. Juke Box Hero — Noun Box Zero (Foreigner)
  167. Learn To Fly — Learn To Cry (Foo Fighters)
  168. All My Life — All My Strife (Foo Fighters)
  169. Genius — Genuine (Diplo)
  170. Dance Yrself Clean — Dance By Yrself (LCD Soundsystem)
  171. Genie In A Bottle — Generation Bubble (Christina Aguiliera)
  172. All The Small Things — All The Small Talk (Blink 182)
  173. Oh my god — Oh my goddess (tribe called quest)
  174. Everything Is Everything — Everyone Is Everything (Laryn Hill)
  175. The War On Drugs — The War On Medicine (Pain)
  176. Can I Live? — Can’t We Live? (Jay-Z)
  177. When I B On Tha Mic — When I B On Tha Bike (Rakim)
  178. What Did I Do to Deserve You — What did I do to Desert You? (Joey Ramone)
  179. School’s Out For Summer — School Strike For Climate (Alice Cooper)
  180. Teenage Wasteland — Teenage Mutiny (The Who)
  181. Toxic — Detoxic (Britney Spears)
  182. The Gambler — The Addict (Kenny Rogers)
  183. Awful things — Awesome things (Lil peep)
  184. Hurt — Hurt A Lot Of People (Johnny Cash)
  185. Use Me — Reuse Me (Hootie & The Blowfish)
  186. Use Me Up — Muse Me Up (Bill Withers)
  187. Did my time — Did my best (Korn)
  188. Falling away from me — Falling right into we (korn)
  189. Me Against The World — We Against The World (tupac)
  190. Elastic Heart — Elastic Brain (Sia)
  191. The World’s Greatest — The World’s Greyest (R. Kelly)
  192. Cheap Thrills — Cheap Pills (Sia)
  193. Working Man — Working Mom (Rush)
  194. Miracle Man — Miracle Mom (Oliver Tree)
  195. Guilty conscience — Silly conscience (Eminem)
  196. Get Rich Or Die Tryin — Guilt Free Or Die Tryin (50 cent)
  197. Trust nobody — Trust everybody (070 Shake)
  198. Better Off Alone — Better Than Alone (Oliver Tree)
  199. Can’t tell me nothin — Can’t sell me nothin (kanye west)
  200. Love of My Life — Life Of My Love (Queen)
  201. Words of Love — Words of Fear (Beatles)
  202. All the lonely people — All the lovely people (Beatles) *Eleanor Rigby
  203. Sympathy For The Devil — Empathy For The Rebel (Rolling Stones)
  204. Devil’s Advocate — Rebel’s Advocate (The Neighborhood)
  205. Children of God — Gods of Children (Third Day)
  206. A Day In The Life — A Day In The Eyes (The Beatles)
  207. Hey Jude — Hey Mood (Beatles)
  208. Stand By Me — Stan By Me (Ben E. King)
  209. Come Together — Fun Together (Beatles)
  210. Somewhere under the Rainbow — Somewhere over the rainbow (Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole)
  211. Choose your own adventure — Choose your own Artventure (Goldfish)
  212. One Mic — One Kiss (Nas)
  213. No respect freestyle — No Regrets (lil peep)
  214. Super freak —Save A Freak (rick james)
  215. Natural Born Killaz—Nurtural Born Feelaz (Dr. dre)
  216. The way you move — The way you sooth (outkast)
  217. Nothing else matters — Everything matters (Metallica)
  218. What are you made of — What are you made for (Lucie Silvas)
  219. Maniac — Brainiac (Sembell)
  220. Pusherman — Pitcherman (Curtis Mayfield)
  221. Sippin On Some Syrup — Trippin On Some Dessert (Three 6 Mafia)
  222. Someone to Love — Someone to hug (Jefferson Airplane)
  223. Blame Canada — Blame Nobody (south park)
  224. Disposable Teens — Imposable Teens, Marilyn Manson
  225. Nobody wants to rules the world (tears for fears
  226. Ballad of a Dead Bully (ballad of a dead soldier, Tupac)
  227. B**ches Ain’t Sh*t — Bosses Ain’t Sh*t (Snoop Dogg)
  228. Everything Is Awesome! — Everyone Is Awesome (Lego Movie)
  229. Faith in God — Faith in Fam (Caskey)
  230. Live It Up — Love It Up (Sanchez)


I don’t know why this world keeps burning, up and down, but I wish it would stop and learn to chill right now. (Song is about defeating the climate deniers)

Are we inhuman? Or is it our system? My sui is sidal. My hands are old. And I’m on my knees, lookin for the answer. Are we inhuman? Or is it our system? (Song’s goal to defeat the system sympathizers)

A.) What if these tracks could be how we invite legendary artists to the remix?B.) Didn’t Weird Al have a whole career doing this? Instead of parody songs, these are protest songs C.) Could we use it as a #playathome, /r/poetryprompt, for @community_made @family_made @recycle @reuse @homage?

P.S. this list was put together under the auspices of the “Theory of Relative Creativity” [act 1126] Based on 2 coefficients; Relativity: cultural relevance; Originality: creative deviance [Each title is based on average of the -RT score and a CT score ////// ][Sneeze/guard]“Obsess you”

This can also be applied beyond music lines and titles to movies and books and all kinds of art.

Parents say the darndest things (Kids say the darndeset things, show) The prison of broke (The power of broke, book) Rich dad, poor son (Rich dad, poor dad, book) Getting equal with dad (Getting even with dad, film) Total re$et (Total recall, film) The hands have eyes (The hills have eyes, film) All humans go to heaven (All dogs go to heaven, film) The Theory of Empathy (The Theory of Everything, film) The lies we tell (The stories we tell, film) The art of emotional war (The art of war, zine) The biggest victim (The biggest loser, show) 48 laws of povver (48 laws of power, propaganda) All is Love and Love is war (All’s fair in love and war, novel) Empathy TV/ EmTv (MTV, tv channel) The last camera angle (The last air bender, film) Millennials united (Manchester United, team) Attention Deprived Hyper-creative Doer (Attention deficit hyper-active disorder, lol) The rules of estrangement (The rules of engagement, film) Big apple of my eye (Apple of my eye, saying) ArtBNB (AirBNB, co.) Super patrons* (Super patron, NP) The Guardians* (The guardian, mag) Delusions of gaslight (delusions of grandeur, dogwhistle) What about job? (what about bob?, film) Behind enemy eyes (Behind enemy lines, film) Speak your story (draw your life, challenge) Family Inc. (monster inc, animation) Boyz in the burb (Boyz in the hood, film) Stranger days (strange days, film) The fastest fun in the west (fastest gun, film) FAMTASIA (FANTASIA, play) Fam Poetry (Slam poetry genre/ night) Psychology of a scene (Anatomy of a scene/ song, channel) Softman Competition (Strongman, competition) Cancer is an Answer (Cancer is a Symptom, book) Interdependent Health (Interdependent Wealth, book) Of moms and men (Of mice and men, book) Eye Came, Eye Saw, Eye Captured (Venni Vetti Vecci, album) 8D Glasses (3D Glasses, eyetech) All The World’s A Movie (All The World’s A $tage, Shakespeare) Streets of Courage (Streets of Rage, video game)

Like a 6 degrees of creativity?

Now kids it’s your turn,





OpenSourceMagazine (Source magazine)

Outerscope Records (Interscope records)

LFODMix (ie:Antlers/panda)

F.u.n.Mix (the same way everything is relative to gravity, the T.O.R.O states that everything is relative to origin*)


  1. Satisfaction — Privacy (rolling stones)
  2. Stay Away — Stay home (nirvana)
  3. Still Trippin’ (Mike Jones feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall — Still Tippin’)
  4. Don’t Be Sad At Me (Don’t Be Mad At Me, Problem, Snoop, Gibbs)
  5. Meeting Strangers (Marilyn Manson — Killing Strangers)



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