The Story Collectors Presents: Listening By Example

Testing. All right, we’re in the bath right now taking a bath because we needed a bath. I mean, the truth is, we had one this morning. But we still need a second bath, you know? So. So here we are, here we go, we’re just thinking a thought, oh, we’re into the real, the real shit. The realness I think we’re into realness. And I don’t know, maybe that’s a big, that’s a big word right there. But it’s like, for the past 10 years, that’s kind of what we’ve gravitated towards. And been influenced by people of this. This kind with, with high levels of realness. That’s a, obviously a big, again, a big word to unpack later, but you kind of can guess you can guess what synonyms are underneath. Not probably not equal to, because there’s a lot of I think there’s a lot of concepts inside.

There’s a lot of different angles, and styles and forms inside realness. And certainly other, you know, definitions subject to subjective, for sure. We’re thinking about Ry, and then we’re thinking about Ty, but he like you, you go faster into realness. I think that’s sort of the idea is to go faster. Get into the real shit quicker. And I think when you go when you go real, or maybe a higher synonym is deep. So you have this, this, this new idea. There’s this new idea called Deep work, which we’re going to research in the future, but deep talk. Okay, deep talking. And deep listening. And deep conversation. We all know that one. Deep communication, deep talk, right? There’s small talk, and then there’s big talk. So it’s like big talk. So, so yeah, so we’re gonna keep this just for our own note, to 10 minutes, we might start the shower.

But if we feel like it, then just stay with it. Probably going to transcribe this in the future. But if we transcribe it, we do have to take out names. If we’re putting it on the blog, we got to take out the names. But that whole world in which started out in in Argentina, but then ended for us, at least in Thailand, and specifically Chiang Mai, which is the mountains of Thailand, mountainous ranges, I mean, especially if you have a motor bike, or a motorcycle, just to go on trips. I mean, it’s very serene, quiet and super unexplored, I guess. I mean, certainly explored, but sort of still a jungle, I guess you could say. Still very much. So a jungle with waterfalls and mountains and etc. So, yeah, so we might, we might keep this short. But it’s funny how. You know, we make a list of all the people who we have, you know, logged a certain amount of time with spent a certain amount of time with and thinking about how to present this proposal, this project, pretty much to the world, but first and foremost, to our family and friends.

So that that whole world outside of the system, inside and outside but also Poker, that community that really helped us to travel and see the world. Specifically through one person, and then through that one person having access to a whole group of a really intelligent, and, and inspiring and creative and and you know, there were there were optimal lists. I don’t even know if that’s a word. But they were, optimists are looking for people looking for optimal things that are, you know, lifestyles that are optimal for Mind Body health, and wealth. They tend to be optimistic, it’s the search for what is optimal, that is a form of optimism in itself. So it’s, it is a way of seeing things. And it’s very, in that way, it’s very optical. So you talk about the optics of something, how something looks, and then deeper underneath how something relates to the rest of the world structurally.

And what I mean by that is the mathematics, the probabilities, the theories, the psychologies that go into the job, it’s really a job of poker. So it’s not not even a game. I mean, it certainly is a game. A sport of the mind. Maybe the the ultimate sport of the mind. But yeah, that whole community that’s built around that that again, really opened, it opened up to me, the rest of the world was able to open my eyes. And that’s why I want to give a gift back to them, which is like, here’s a game where the goal is to tell a life story. And it doesn’t have to be such like such a linear thing. Like I said, we started my first official life storytelling project started. Exactly a month ago, almost a month ago. Wait. Yeah, almost a month ago, wait. Yeah, almost a month, three weeks ago. And it’s a story that takes place over the course of one week, specifically the first week of 2021. And it’s a thrilling story. It’s a 45 page document right now, so a, you know, a quarter of a novel and takes about two hours to read. So it’s a story. It’s a short story, but it’s also a long story.

In that it takes two hours to read like a movie, right takes two hours. That’s interesting, right? Two hours to read. stories that are two hours to read long. So that was a life story. Because of the flashbacks and flash forwards even you know, the dreams, the ideas. You’re never you’re in the moment. But you’re never fully in the moment you can always go on tangents either back into your memories or forward into into your future dreams and ideas and beyond. imaginations, fantasies, etc. So yeah, that’s what that’s what I mean by the life story, you know, and that’s why it plays quite nicely. As a plural as well, to tell life stories as a practice, to tell life, yeah. So to give this gift back to this community, and specifically when we started talking, we mentioned in name, which was one of our closest compadres, comrades.

I mean, friends, we were very close friends. And there’s a lot of adventure and some tragedy at the end, like, yeah, some real tragedy at the end. So it’s an attempt to break free of the isolation, to connect on a deeper level, to talk on a deeper level to work on a deeper level. And we may switch over and we may try out the app called Deep talk, which is artificial intelligence, transcription service that competes with otter. So yeah, that’s it. That’s pretty much it, that’s 1112 minutes. Maybe we’ll reach out to him next, and just propose the idea, you know, and if you don’t have if you’re not ready to tell your life stories, to start telling life stories, if you’re not ready to start telling life stories, maybe you know, who someone who is, and we can, we can get these stories recorded. Before it’s too late. I mean, I don’t like putting that negative spin on the end. But it is sort of a reality of the world. And it’s, it’s not too pressurized. It’s just COVID. Here it is. If our, you know, if our elders get it, they don’t have the best odds, basically, of surviving it. So that’s our grandparents. So it’s a gift to these communities, these creative communities, these community networks. But it’s also, you know, more importantly, this is a gift that we’re giving to the elders of the world that I think that’s where we really want the strong Asterix at the end of the poster that says, kind of like, you know, this is for our elders. But it’s also for us, and we’ll be simultaneously working on it. So, so we’re offering this right now to every generation, I mean, even the young generations, we just offered it to, we just offered the service as a as an art as a creative project, to a five year old, who we think is incredible.

the whole range, you know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna simultaneously be working on each generation to tell each generation story. But first and foremost, this is for our elders. And so we’ll we’ll start with that generation, targeting, focusing on communicating to my network of millennials, my generation, that this is really for our grandparents first. So let’s get let’s do that first. And then we can also do it if you’re ready to tell your own life stories. Tell life stories as well. So that’s, yeah, I think it’s a good update. And maybe this is a medium post, we got to kind of talk ourselves into it. But we’ll, we’ll get there. Do we have a good title for this? Maybe probably, we got we can’t use the odd I’m not going to use the audio because there are names on this audio, but we’re gonna edit out the names in the beginning to keep it anonymous until we sign them essentially. But for our close friends, I mean for our close friends, if we can, I mean, if we can get a couple of them, you know, d t, d t m DTM. dy, dt, dy, dt. Where there’s one more you could throw v. v o. The T. You know what we’re doing? We’re doing the first Vegas crew and then really the Vegas crew You could go to Argentina Next, you could do that it’s very, you know, these are both global pitches to people all over the world. So you could go to Argentina next. And then after that, you could go to Thailand. And obviously, we got em. In Thailand, he’s like the Godfather over there. And outside of that, you just got the poker community. V, you know, as another V in there.

Oh, you know, oh, is in New York right now. So anyways, that’s what we got for now. And each with each pitch, we collect, you know, critical business feedback for each of them. in, in, in, in, in, in helps in help to finalize a business plan in the future for this, possibly, within you know, it’s it’s a marketplace, it’s a story marketplace. If you if you go public with stories, I mean, that’s when we, we go public, you know, there are different levels of going public, it’s like, you publish, you publish, unlisted, that could be a good a good way to, to finish the thought here to publish unlisted is like the first publish, where we’re gonna share this around with, with people we know for feedback. And not only feedback, but when you read it at the end of it, there is a survey, basically, but a survey at the end of and then the last question of the surveys is like, would you like to invest in this story, it may take us It may take five, it may take our projection, and it depends on each story is like we want to sell the rights. We want to produce these stories, turn them into books, podcasts, audio dramas, but also on the video, side of things, short films, feature films, and television series. So we want to we want to sell these. We want to sell these stories. We want to sell these stories in these different forms, to the industry to the arts and entertainment industry. I guess that’s all we got for now. Like, I think that’s I think that’s the biggest picture here is like taking care of these people, these storytellers that we represent. You know, maybe figuring out how to loop in the crypto stuff.

This is all in the notes. So we’ll go back to the notes. But this was a solid bathtime 20 minute update. And it’ll be fine. We’ll be able to put it on. Medium, take out the two names, put it on medium. And this is part of going transparent, growing, transparent. Growing transparently, it’s about letting out our deepest most inner thoughts and the world that those thoughts build, you basically can build a psychological world around you. That can determine that can change things you can change your own mind based on your language, you can change other people based on you know how just right showing, leading, listening by example, listening by example, there’s another good one that could be the title of this. It’s like, these are story listeners. Story extractors story collectors, I want to collect these stories though. That’s really you know, the story collectors presents, lists, listening by example. All right sayanora. Until next time, thank you for reading. Love you. Bye

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I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves — this critical basis I call the ideal of a pigsty. The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth. Without the sense of kinship with men of like mind, without the occupation with the objective world, the eternally unattainable in the field of art and scientific endeavors, life would have seemed empty to me. The trite objects of human efforts — possessions, outward success, luxury — have always seemed to me contemptible.

Albert Einstein, The World As I See It





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