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Sry I missed your call 📞

So I have a simple pitch. And I’m sort of obsessed with time. In a good way. It’s more like passion right about time and trading time, specifically. And I really like you. You know it’s it’s kind of psychedelic, if we can say that we did mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms. And we also did MDMA together. Unfortunately, it had, it was ecstasy, so it had amphetamines in it. I was thinking about pie. You know a couple of days ago because I’ve been writing about psychedelic medicines. And, Oh right, because I was watching this Dutch undercover cop show that Mike told me to watch, because I had told him to watch this feature film that just came out. That’s a prequel to the two seasons of this show. And I only say it like that because if you’re interested.

The feature film is a lot more fun, and they do ecstasy, you know, it’s, it’s like, Holland is the number one producer of ecstasy in the world. And so it’s about roughly based on a true story about them. The number one drug dealer, and how they catch him. And so there’s a couple of scenes where they do MDMA, Molly, ecstasy. and I kept thinking about how, like I just woke up and I was biting you. And I remember being really surprised by that. And then there was that other time where there was the short term memory thing happening. And so it’s crazy, crazy, medicine, and they’re using. Obviously, I’m sure you’ve heard that they’re using it to treat, post traumatic stress disorder. And psilocybin mushrooms are being used to treat all sorts of addiction to opioids and alcohol, Tobacco society anxiety, financial, emotional repression, etc, and so on. Lots of disorders. And same goes with the MDMA, the whole spectrum of PTSD.

And this is a really exciting time for psychology, psychiatry. And as you know my dad is a psychiatrist, and my mom is a nurse, so the family business here is medicine and healthcare. And your mom as well. So I was just thinking about that recently, and there’s a lot of memories. You know, I was just on the phone actually with Mike. A A week ago, and we just picked up right where we left off, and we were talking about how we were talking about mushrooms. And also, I think talking about pie, but mostly about the mushrooms and he was. He’s inviting me, and, and you also came up, and he’s inviting us to Thailand. So if you want to go to Thailand. Wouldn’t that be a psychedelic experience to meet up in Thailand is actually kind of crazy, he’s offering to pay my full ride trip to go there, and he has a kid that’s going to be born in mid July.

I want to say. So yeah. But yeah, I’m basically working on some applications now to get some student loans and, actually, I want to go and study psychology, and specifically, it’s, it’s like a field called Narrative psychology and sort of the psychology of storytelling. So I’m hoping my background in experimental storytelling and experimental filmmaking. Expand experimental psychology, will allow me to kind of get a good offer somewhere and be able to study remote, and then go traveling again or something, because it’s been a while since I’ve gone traveling. And I’m also asking my both my brothers, if they want to sort of team up because grad school is sort of customizable these days. Anyways, that’s my update trading time. So I actually have this app, where I speak into it.

And it transcribes everything, relatively well. If I focus on it I don’t have to really do editing. And if I speak for 10 minutes. It takes about five minutes to read. And maybe this is some kind of trade that you’d want to do. Because if you’re writing. And I’m writing, and you want to do, it’s sort of a journaling practice. But I would also trade this for, you know, reading anything you wrote, like, without being too over dramatic, I guess, the time that we spent together. I’m always going to be super interested in what you’re doing and you know the concept of love is so it’s it’s so limited in the real world, that I’m much more sort of thinking about how to redefine it in my own terms. But I’m always going to be interested. If we have the time. That’s really the main work around here is like, because we’re also busy. But, yeah. And so this, so there’s a lot more that I’m.

There’s a whole big Master Plan life plan, lifelong plan family plan that I’m sort of putting into play, right now and this is what being in the woods for two weeks, which has turned into four weeks in Atlanta, and writing has been about spent about family in the family business and working together with family and redefining family and you’re getting closer and communicating more often. And in a creative, productive, efficient way, with your family members who, you know, you, we spend most of our lives with and then we have our own families and whatnot. But anyways, I’ll just wrap here. Anything you do anything you create. I want to help you create more of it, and eventually help you publish everything that you’re creating, and right now in New York City. There are some lines of communication that will hopefully bear some fruit in the future and there’s also some great lines of communication in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, as well so stories writing characters, you know, making them. New and existential a bit. So, if you want to play with this app, I can give you access, maybe I’ll just write down the password I have an account. So, we have an unlimited amount of minutes. And I’m just saying, I’ll read as much as I can.

And if we keep them to 10 minutes then they’re just five minute reads every day and it’s like you’re in my mind and I’m in yours, and I want to do this with my whole family, and my whole network, and you’re part of that community. Hopefully for as long as I live. I love you. I hope you’re well. And talk to you soon. There’s so much to share, and maybe over time, we get on a little schedule. You know once a week, once a month, whatever it is. And yeah, it would be nice to get on the phone. However, it’s hard to, I don’t know, it’s just hard. As we’ve been discovering, but that’s what it is, it is what it is right. Alright, so I’ll talk to you soon. And it’s good to hear my thoughts. When I let you into my mind for 10 minutes. I’m full of love for you. I sort of miss you. And I hope to see you one day again, everything over there with your exams. I’m sure he did wonderful and. Yeah. Talk to you soon. Choose. Tschüss

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