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Upload the unload unload your stress. Yes. It’s the best. When you take a rest. So we’re thinking about, Her. I think the next thing on the list is just finish it. You know, make a pitch. The RE integration. The RE integration is the real therapy. After the psychedelic experience is the real therapy to re integrate your new discoveries and new and old memories.

These new old memories. Family reflections, personal history to reintegrate psychedelic. These are your psychedelic memories, and to record transcribe archive or share eventually share, but it’s just for yourself that art is always for yourself. First, to shed the old skin of each passing moment. And then, Noni stories. These, these memories are just sitting inside of us festering and rotting rotting inside of us, they’re not even fading. They’re just becoming subconscious. We don’t know enough about the brain to know how that affects how we operate in our everyday life, and world. So it’s an interesting thought experiment to ask ourselves what the psychedelic experience is, and the taking of the medicine is probably just the first part.

And then there’s the coming down, which could also be a different kind of coming up to process. You know, and then when you understand that, you know, all of the discoveries are just discoveries. No, there’s no such thing as a, quote, unquote bad experience, or a bad trip because you’re watching this movie. And of course, in, in every movie there’s lots of different things that can happen. But these are feelings as much as they are thoughts, their thoughts and ideas always first. That’s the neuro scientists point of view. A neuroscientific point of view that you live in the modern experience of like, you don’t have the body is sort of a blank canvas. And then the environment, fills it up with tension or relaxation, which is lack of tension. You know, love is simply lack of fear. So you don’t even have, you don’t do love you just live life without fear. Once you remove the fear and or modern day 21st century life, to feel, is to fear. So there’s fear covering up the lens of everything we do. And psychedelics, is the is the program that removes that every day. Conventional accepted fear. We want to acknowledge it for what it is, which is a an invention.

Here is a word from the other side of it is, is freedom, equality, justice, love, family, humanity. So the reintegration is a different kind of come up. It’s the stability to counteract, you know, The uncertainty and instability of the environment. Each individual person. Again, with, with a lack of fear is love, full is pure love radiance Warmth and tenderness and creativity and openness, without the fear. So psychedelics again is pretty much the temporary removal of fear, and to make it long lasting, which it can do these psychedelic experiences can last with us. In philosophy, and theory for the rest of our lives. Some people talk about it like it’s a spiritual, religious experience which it is, it’s, it’s your mind re experiencing itself. Re educating. But this reintegration period after you have had the experience. If it’s psilocybin mushrooms, four or five hours later. Your, your mind is returning to the ground. Some people say that psychedelics is like a massage for your brain and brain massage and MDMA is the same way. This has been called the love medicine. No, I think we’re just not going to use the word drug ever again. Why would we ever use the word drug ever again.

The only reason we use it is because it’s shorter, but it is a damaging fear driven word medicine is the synonym drug is the euphemism drug is the pejorative, a pharmacy has medicine. And this new world, this new revolution that has returned. Is it is hope, is quite possibly going to over the next decade or two, and the American war on medicine. It has been said that all war is about the resource of medicine. And there’s all sorts of medicine. You could argue that everything is medicine. You know, obviously we’ve, we’ve said that food is medicine, any kind of substance is medicine. Nature is medicine, psychological, emotional medicine. Every part of nature. It’s all natural, which is a synonym for normal, there is no normal. There is only natural, and 100% 1,000% of the experience of life is natural. Even something that’s synthetic or, it’s still invented by humanity. And it is a natural occurrence, based on the evolution of human history. Technology is all natural. So I digress.

It’s we’re going back to the reintegration. The time between psychedelic sessions, where we take the medicine, and we have psychedelic experience. Our brain is massage and rewired blank slate, you know you never truly lose yourself because your story is stored inside your memories. But this is psychological philosophy, and, and re education, and the artists of all times. But the writers, you know, everyone is a writer, the brain is a writing machine. That’s what your thoughts are. If you were to write down every single one of your thoughts, each day, you would have a chapter, written.

Each day, based on your the context of your experience, your story, your work, your family, your relationships, it’s all inter dependent. In terms of sharing the story of a life, and the family and the planet. But the reentered psychedelic re integration period is the most important stage. There’s only two stages to the psychedelic experience, and we don’t often hear about the reintegration. But that’s where the psychedelic service facilitators will be, you know, even before you have a before actually there’s three stages. There’s the before, which can be up to even 10 hours of building rapport building relationship. And this is what a quote unquote therapist is for. Because during the psychedelic experience, a guide, formerly known as a shaman. A trip, formerly known as a trip sitter might your psychedelic therapists. You have to have a deep inspiration for this person you have to really look admire this person, and that will take you know reading about their stories and communicating. You know a lot of people use this word trust, but it’s not, but what is trust.

Trust is simply an emotional acknowledgement, psychological, awareness of their humanity their story, their life, their family, and but that’s the first part. And then the second part, after the this awareness has been created over the course of five to 10 hours, then you have the stage two is the psychedelic experience where that person is also in the room or in the next room adjacent where, you know, maybe there’s a reminds us of a baby monitor where you say your safe word, or your soft word, then they will come into the room and you can share thoughts and ideas and stories. And it’s also recorded, I think, for your own history, and for your own memory. The recording is simply an external memory for you to recall and reflect, to use it and use it in your own healing journey and and awareness and awakening and psychology, psychological, emotional upgrade of the software in your brain. And that’s what the brain massage is for, to really allow the calm relaxation to go deeper inside the memories.

So you can piece together your whole narrative framework. And that’s why we we personally would like to study narrative psychology, and the psychology of stories and storytelling. And you mix and match that with psychedelic medicine, specifically silicided mushrooms, and the MA to treat, post traumatic stress disorder and, specifically, complex, post traumatic traumatic stress disorder, C PTSD, high conflict personality disorder. And to re encourage highly sensitive people to become artists of the highly sensitive people, which is everyone, everyone is a highly sensitive people. When you are first born, and then society socializes and uploads the software of fear into every human brain to push and pull you into certain corners of this society, and those are emotional trappings, which most of our relationships, actually operate in this way now. The microcosm, is the macrocosm, the micro aggressions and mini aggressions have come from the societal repressions. So that’s basically it for today.

This is about the three stages of the psychedelic experience. The relationship building. Stage two is the psychedelic experience, aka the brain massage and sage Street is the second, the reintegration into a psychedelic society, community, family, Planet psychedelic simply in Latin means mind manifestation. And that is imagination, becoming reality. That is, problem solving, becoming problem solution in your real life, and the stage three is the most important and that is why I’m doing a deep study, and having these relationships with psychedelic facilitators, guides, therapists, is essential. Thank you very much for reading. Talk to you soon. Ciao for now tag’s psychedelic therapy reintegration brain massage. Relationship family. Individuality craft art way of life way of love theory. The theory of life. The theory of love. Invention words. The word of love, the word of life, etc, and so on. Ciao for now, It’s 1111 Make a wish. Peace.

- Fun P.

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