People Everywhere Are Created Equal🗽

4 min readAug 3, 2020


TO: R.a.y.e.l. and U.n.c.l.e.

FROM: F.u.n.p.o.v.

Optional background music which helped to write this piece:

Quote to start: We will shape and mold this country or it will not be molded and shaped at all anymore. How can you be an artist and not reflect the times? That to me is the definition of an artist. (Nina Simone)

Okay so I been working on some music stuff lately and this last dream I caught is just below. Maybe it strikes a nerve with you. If so then you know keep the nerve, keep the nerve, keep the nerve (Gil Scott-Heron)

Remixtape Tracklist:

This remix album would be entitled, Ridin’ Wit Biden and the cover Art so far is either



(If u wanna put diamonds in his mouth and tats on his face maybe we use this one?)

Goal: To Reflect the times as Nina put it. What could be a more effective way to do that than using the art that is already there and building on it?

Strategy: We form a band the three of us. Maybe we call ourselves P.E.A.C.E. or something else. We could all write and do vocals and other instruments as we like. Rayel on the beat, Uncle on the drums and Funpov on the glasses 8-) (also side note: what if anyone who wanted they could join the band? Old Three 6 Mafia had like 25 members total I mean what if any kind of artist could join the band (for a buck a month;) I’ve been messing around with a few remixes and some lyrics here and there on soundcloud.

Campaign: Ridin’ wit Biden. I’ve been waiting patiently for the right moment to go door to door and make a POV documentary for years now. This idea would give me just that excuse and maybe start in NH and then head to the swing states or whatever. If I could I’d go cross country like Gump but with bike I would. And when that got too rough I would buy a cheap motorbike or rent a car/ van maybe. It would be a completely independent artist-run campaign. Only 3 months until a very big moment for every single person alive, so maybe the 120 or so million registered voters would pre-order the Ridin’ Wit Biden vintage collectors vinyl haha. It’s a crazy idea but you remember what Hendrix said he said, You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven…

We could also let other members help write the lyrics too (reddit, facebook or discord. I think people would buy that Album cover art the next 3 months, whether it’s Vinyl or just CDs for ease, t-shirts and hats etc. Idk just brainstormin.

Record Label: Outerscope Records was just messing around with flipping Interscope Records. We don’t make parodies but protest songs. Pursuit of equality, Ridin wit Biden and Gimme Basics are a couple of my favorites so far. Pretty simple hook remixes.

Music video: A music video is obv key for online. Maybe out of the 100% proceeds going towards this artist run indie campaign band we could invest in a great video. Biden apparently loves cars so that’d be a great way to lean into the image. We get lucky and get through to Chamillionaire and he is down to #RidinWitBiden (Weird Al actually already remixed this track in 2006. Weird Al had a pretty solid career, ya? He made plenty of originals too..).

All Righty Then. Preciate you for playing. Sincerely and creatively your F.A.M.I.L.Y. . . .

(Fellow art makers I love you)