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yo what up drift Sonics, it’s, it’s your band member. You know me, you and Jeff are going to be a band. Okay, you’re going to do beats and vocals and drums, you’re gonna do whatever you want. I’m gonna do some keyboard in the future, but for the most part, I’ll just, I’m like, I’m definitely submitting lyrics. Okay, because I’m submitting lyrics as like, you know, I just think the most original lyrics wins every time. You know how original are the sentences, and the bars, and the rhymes and the flow patterns, and the melodies and the harmonies, and the stories. And, you know the experimentation and the fun and the excitement in it. AND and OR and AND, OR, the sadness, you know, because they’re the same thing I’m talking about intensity. I’m talking about intensity living intensely on the edges, but there has to be a balance, it has to go back and forth, back and forth like a pendulum. So it can’t just be like Rose can’t be so defined these days, you know, because we have to we have to be on stage, you know, in front of the world sometimes really, if we’re going to be, if we’re going to survive this experience of life we have to speak up for ourselves and say what we want to say and say what, just the thoughts we have in our mind, and that being all that needs to be said. Pure honesty, you know, these are the thoughts I have here these are the thoughts I have here. So anyways, it’ll be an existential crew, you know, Jeff, Jeff just actually posted the, which is going to be one of the singles on an album, I think, or it’s just an album cover, actually, at this point, but I do have a submission. But anyways, so we’re wrapping up here which I were just gonna say, Yeah, we’re playing with this space we’re playing with this space of like two to three minutes of voicemail, and then turning that into a letter. So it’s a quick letter in this case if I if I ended at three minutes it’s a quick letter, because it’ll, it’ll take you half of the time to read it. If you decide to read it, You can read it you can listen to it. The idea is like which one is, is the optimal way for people to consume to read, to listen to watch stories and ideas and memories and dreams, and like, you know, that’s all that art is it’s the exchange of those in the form of thoughts in the form of vibrations and sound waves, and, you know, visual, your brain waves and all this stuff so. So yeah, We’ll keep it, we’ll keep it short for this one, it’ll be a quick one. But this is the otter, this is kind of the otter game. So it’s like, so it’s like we can build off this we can like, we can test it out, we can build off this and test it out. Yeah, that’s all. Alright, so we’re just experimenting over here, and we’ll talk to you soon. All right. Ciao for now. Peace.

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