Elephant Legs🗽

4 min readJul 7, 2020

That’s why this is gonna be a quick three minutes so very quick three minutes we’re going to watch the time. Everything has a reason. Everything has multiple reasons. If you dig deep enough. There is a reason. Or there are reasons for everything. And it’s a very difficult thing to contemplate at all, or even consider that one might have, for example, cancer, because of a certain cause that they were directly related and part of mentally that everything has caught has a cause and effect. There are reasons, again, for everything if you look into it enough.

We’re looking for space, not in use. We’re looking to bless a space with creative energy for a week four weeks, three months, and so on. But we’re going on back on the road again. So, we don’t know exactly what that entails but it’s somewhat of a pilgrimage. And ideally we want, we want to, we’ve been for the past three months we’ve been in the back of our mind thinking about a eyes across America tour. 100 eyes, has been the project working title. And in 1000 eyes around the world eventually so. But to start out 100 is 50 states 50 people, that’s 100 eyes. So one pair of POV glasses in each state. So space, not in use space not in use for artists putting space to use theirs there’s lots of rooms. There’s closet space that can be converted. There’s attic space. Again, if no one’s hiding in it. So space, all types of space not in use, we’re looking to. Okay so elephant legs, is something we’ll talk about tomorrow in Thailand. The idea or concept of the philosophy of the elephant metaphorical is that the front legs are the direction, which is resembled by the man and the back legs, or the woman, and that resembles the power that can go either way that can also flip, doesn’t matter the gender but the, but one set of legs in the front and one set of legs in the back one chooses the direction, and one supports fully the powerful, and then we have this idea of behind every me. There is a we or behind every we. There is a me. Wait, no, it’s, it’s the first one. Okay, it looks like this is going to four minutes. You know the advantages of you and I. That’s the advantages of a partnership. On the surface, you split rent, which is amazing, as the eviction flood is is coming, and homelessness will be on the rise so partnering up creatively, finding your creative duo your comedy duo your musical pair. Okay, maybe, okay so this is five minutes. And the last thing we’re talking about in this last minute is will one being every artist starts out as a personal assistant for artists. And in this case we’re going to work we film all day with the POV camera glasses. And it’s a new type of social media communication experiment. And then also we work, we manage. We design, we help to design and manage memberships, which is the evolution of social media, dollars per month, versus clicks per month, or clicks per mil. Okay. And the last thing is Civil War, the civil war in 1861, that lasted four years, the metaphor is that it is a divorce. So America went through a divorce. And we never actually finished reconstruction for multiple reasons that we’ll get into it, in the future, but there we never had reconciliation. We never had restitution. And there are all these unpaid wages that may be the the most important thing is like to settle a dispute. There was this, there was free labor for hundreds of years so that needs to be taken care of. And then the very last thing we’re just going to mention here is that the experiment of humans, or campaign for humans against Trump, the next four months that acronym is h a t, and we can put that on a hat. Maybe a psychedelic hat of some sort. At with periods in between. Alright, that’s all we got for today quick, it’s we doubled the time but we caught up, and this will be a cool word cloud so we’ll see you when we see there is no I wait. There is no me only we and we are the world. However, if there’s an eye then there’s a you and I love you forever. Peace.


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