Artworkers of America (Part 1)

I was living in New York City and couldn’t pay the rent so I left right only weeks before COVID-19 exploded. I am thankful that I am out of the epicenter but also a bit for not being there to support with art. Since this has happened and the economy has been put on hold everything is also on hold now and I am now living at home with my mom who is in the risk group. I am currently on grocery duty but am a bit worried I could catch covid and bring it home with me. If awarded this grant I would be able to team up with a fellow artist and pay half of the rent and also create POV experimental documentaries as well as podcasts and music most recently in my bedroom studio. All this daily/ weekly art will be in service to the thoughts and feelings of living through a pandemic.

I think the most important thing is that I go team-up with another artist in any city in America. Preferably in New York City. I think that would be a wonderful story about finding real solidarity and partnership and flexibility and openness in very rough circumstances. I know there are many people out there living alone and very isolated and lonely. I feel this myself immensely. So that is what I would do with the support right now. They would be daily short films everyday, all told through the eyes of these two people. Thank you very much for your time. Art speed.

My big picture goal as an artist is to create the 1st feature film to be shot on a pair of camera glasses. Henry David Thoreau once said “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” What about for 90 minutes? What about for 5 or 10 minutes a day? To put it bluntly this camera has never been experimented with this in the documentary film history. Only very recently has this technology actually been small enough and high-definition enough to use on the big screen. I believe that with 5+ years experience I can continue to create a new kind of camera language and communication with people. One where there is not a camera pointing at them, but just a pair of eyes. I want to team-up now with someone during this quarantine and create this very intimate new way of seeing. To actually see for the first time in a way. The idea is that it will be a closer look at ourselves then ever before. Like a mirror in a way. I plan to use these eye glasses for the rest of my life to communicate and capture this unprecedented form of realness. To honor people and make movies everyday to let go of the little things and really be in the pleasant moment with the people I care about deeply. I wish you all a safe journey through this pandemic. Thank you for your time.

Fellow artists apply for 5k:



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