Decentering Donald🗽

I love you, years. slugging yo box. Why are you stuck inside your little box. She says, bitch. Why are you sucking a box, and I said, bitch, because it’s easy. And it seems warm and cozy. No, so I’m not going to go out. I’m not going to meet anybody. I’m not going to talk to anybody on the phone. Because I’m scared. I’m scared of what everybody say, but it really, I mean really, really. This is Corona is war pandemic is war injustice is war, economic, and structural racism is war. This is our world war three. We were talking about. In January, at the very beginning of 2020. There was a world war three scare. I forget what it was for. Probably because of. But Donald’s sunlight. I think he attacked, Iran, or something so stupid. So right now we need to D center. We need to D center, Donald. Maybe that’s the title of this morning’s thousand words. D centering Donald. Nice title, because right now we’re also doing a new thing. And it’s a new thing because it’s a new word, if you actually try and type in as a text. decentering. There will be a red line underneath. decentering is a new word. Should I drop the soap should should. So we got to make some new words, that’s for sure. And, you know, D centering is a word, then the opposite would be. I believe it would be self centering. And we’ve heard of that before we say that people are self centered. So you turn it into a verb, which is one of our favorite things to do. becomes to D center, or decentering, a gerund self centering I do feel like that’s what the Donald is constantly doing he’s self centering. But anyways, this all comes from the, the new idea that we have to in order to achieve racial structural institutional economic equality, we must dissenter whiteness. And the fragility of whiteness you know the uncomfortable nature of facing these realities, which I know for a fact, a lot of us are a lot of us are experiencing. You know it doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of of family background color, creed, culture. It’s very uncomfortable. And it takes creates anxiety and stress to look beyond the delusion of society, and to recognize the real deep roots of the violence has occurred to get to where we are as a country. And on the surface that’s kind of like, simply advantage and disadvantage. It’s very easy to understand that through the lens of sports game you could say, or competition, which is actually just a collaboration. You know, we talk about decentering whiteness and white privilege, are the headlines right now. And those are very emotionally charged. And I, I would argue that they’re ineffective because they’re so emotionally charged, and they’re there. You know privilege is something that parents have been using for a very long time, as a weapon against their children to keep them in line and control their behavior. So I would definitely argue that this is, but on, that’s the surface the surface is privilege. What is privilege, actually, and it’s simply. If you were to attempt to communicate, or teach the concepts and word privilege to a child, you would, you know, if you go to Google and you type in privilege synonym, you will get the words advantage. And that makes a lot of sense. What is the white advantage in society. And we can all understand that. And so going back into the history, you know, you go 400 years back to this, the kidnapping, and the enslavement. And the torture and the bondage and the labor. The free labor that builds everything on stolen land let us not forget the genocide of the original. People original natives, original Americans of this country. It’s all you know this is the denial. And the distortion, and the delusion that exists in all of our minds, so that we can compartmentalize it put it to the side and then go to work. Do these slightly satisfying jobs, you know, at most, so that we can feed ourselves and our families, and then have a little time to enjoy the experience of life to do exactly what we wanted to do. The art, the craft the creativity the imagination. The expression of a more effective, more efficient experience of life, and community optimization. Yeah, so that’s where this all is going and where it’s all coming from. It’s, there’s a delusion here and so the lead. The leader of this delusion of this system is designed old and that’s why we have the dissenter Donald so the title of this hot Thousand Words of the day in the shower is going to be decentering Donald, because he really is. He’s not a politician, which is why he got elected. And I think we can all agree that we don’t like politicians anymore. That they’re, they are self centered. And the system. I think everyone in this country can agree that it’s not we want to stick it to the system but we want a new system. We want a new experience, because it’s servicing the elite and the politicians and we’re not actually getting a voice or a vote. We’re simply voting on people who vote for us and it’s in direct. It’s a democratic republic. It’s in direct democracy and with the internet now we have no use for it anymore. We can transcend it now. So, no one wants a politician as a leader. They all do the lip service, they don’t, they don’t help us out our communities, our civic our government justice liberty, freedom, they’re not they don’t stand for this, they stand for self interest, and more. So, the corporate interest, which exists in the lobbying interests and it’s just money interest. Cash ruins everything around me. So Donald is an entertainer. And that’s why the Donald got elected. It’s very important to recognize that. However, what we thought we were getting was a businessman. And what we actually got was an entertainer. So when you see him at a rally. He’s simply trying to entertain. He’s trying to get laughs he’s trying to loosen up the audience he’s trying to be likable he wants people to like him. And this reminds us of Dennis Rodman, which is, we’re just doing a shout out to Dennis Rodman because we love the first episode of the new season of 3030 it’s just something that everyone’s gonna watch It’s so beautiful. Because he just wanted people to like him too but Rodman’s. He’s not even the same in the same boat as the Donald but okay we’re wrapping up here, McDonald’s, is an entertainer. Okay, what we wanted was a businessman what we thought we were gonna get is a businessman, but he’s more of a con artist in that respect. He’s a snake oil salesman. Sales is the greatest con, there is no like think about belly. Wolf of Wallstreet drop the soap again. It’s the biggest scam. It’s not about the product. It’s about just tricking people into thinking they need something that they don’t need. So they emotionally manipulate who fight emotional warfare on them. Anyways, the last thing we wanted to say is, you know, if we want a businessman. And that’s why Andrew Yang was so I think attractive to most, most most Americans as an introduction I do think that it’s going to take a little while for America to, you know, warm up to this. I mean he’s an entertainer, to a certain extent but he really is a nonprofit business startup, creative, family, focused entrepreneur. And he’s not a politician. So I think that’s those are the types of things that his campaign really has going for him. And it might take him another four years to go you know he’s not running anymore. But universal basic income, artists basic income. And on that note, I think we’ve used up our thousand words for the day. So, decentering, the Donald, maybe that’s what it is. or just the centering Donald, I don’t know, we’ll have to see what it looks like. The shorter the better. A lot of times it’s like Sean Parker said in the social network allegedly lose the. I don’t know if that’s gonna get transcribed lose the, the, just Facebook. For those that know the social network know what I’m talking about. Sean Parker Napster. Shout outs and Napster wherever you are, that should change my childhood. Because my because what happened was, as I was building this collection of Parental Advisory albums, CDs and one thing led to another and my parents found out about it. And they took it away they took the whole thing away. So I’m sure I forgot where I was going with this maybe I’ll have to type it in later. So this this song behind us is pretty crazy. The soundtrack is move on. Be strong, by little peep. It’s a crazy track. But it’s the originality rating is is very high for multiple different reasons that we’ll get into later. Damn I wonder why. Hold on, let me see if I can. I wonder why I lost. Why were we going to tell the story of our CD collection. Because we got taken away from us. Oh CDs right right Napster Napster. Okay, so we’re back. Sean Parker Napster that should change, because then, is it the physical CDs that matter. I mean, it was art, it was to the physical aspect of the art and the lyrics existed inside the albums. And I loved all these all these lyricists. But we were able to go on the internet get the music for free download it, burn it for friends and eventually I had many, many business when I was selling it for you know $5 for a mixtape. So that’s what happened. I started to do mixtapes. And so the art always evolves the creative expression always, you can do with the internet you can’t stop. You can’t stop it. You just can’t stop it alright we’re signing off. lose the decentering Donald. Thank you for listening, talk to you tomorrow. See you on the flippy Debbie. Ciao for now. Peace, peace in the Middle East, east of your mind. We out.


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