Dear G — d

God. If you’re in there God. I swear to, I swear to myself, God, I swear to the God inside me, and the God inside you. You know like the Russian wooden toy babushka layers. You know that toy. It’s like, if you’re listening now God. If you’re in there. And there’s a God inside you that you have to talk to. And then inside that grandmother of God, that God Mother. If you have to speak to that. God inside you that goddess, that grand goddess, however many grand God mothers, you have to speak to inside of me to get the message to you. If you can please hear me like, I just really want to eat a whole pizza tonight. And I just got my COVID vaccine. My first shot. I chose moderna because that’s what my family got. It was a family vote, and unofficial family vote I just went with the majority. And so if you’re out, if you’re in there, God if you’re really in there. The levels of God inside me. Do you think, can you give me a sign. In my, in the sparkle of my eye. Inside my eye, so I don’t have to get up and go to the mirror to see if the sparkles in it, But can you give me a sign that says whether or not. My body is ready to fight off a large cheese pizza. And if the answer is no, and you give me that sign. And I can comprehend. It is No, I swear to you. I will eat the large cheese pizza. And if you give me a sign that says, my body is ready. Even though my arm feels like it’s falling off in my head, also feels slightly under the weather. I’d kind of a headache. So clearly my body is not, sort of, in its best shape. But I swear to God. I will never take your name in vain, ever again. If you can just give me a sign, one way or the other, with the you inside me on the same side of me in full support of my living in this complex society, that I, both fear and love simultaneously. If you can give me some sign, I’ll take it. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll be your, your servant. I’ll be your, you’ll be at your service is a much less racist word than servant, as well as Master, you know, all iterations and forms of the word master, and the word servant, need to be excommunicated from our language, it’s a very sensitive, artistic language that is any language that you speak, is in such a way, based on how many words exactly are there in the English language, how many words are there in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Lithuanian Irish Gaelic, all the different African angle, languages, all the Eskimo languages, all the, the Nordic Scandinavian languages, all the, all the Sanskrit. All the Middle Eastern, all the island dialects, all the different dialects and the Asian languages all of them for sure them too etc and so on and so on and so until I named them all for you. But yes God, how many different words exist in English, God? if you’re in there, God, please, that’s an extra question I have for you, because I’m sick and tired of googling it. Can you just give me the answer my brain. Thank you so much. Amen. for now. Talk to you soon. Bye. LOL LOL I said, oh well. Love you.


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