Creative Airbnb Family Grant

3 min readJul 1, 2021


Dear Airbnb,

Hi, my name is B_ _ _ _ _ _ _ and I am a traveling creative with a specialty in short video, audio, and written work (vlogs, blogs, pods and music). I’ve essentially been on the road for more than 10 years after graduating from Emory’s business school in 2009, visiting a total of 26 countries with bases in Thailand and NYC.

Today I will pitch to you 3 creatives who I’d like to live with over the next 12 months, as a creative Airbnb family. As well as 3 technologies that I’ve been experimenting with for years now, along side my lifetime collaborator and producer, Andrés Ruiz ( Thank you for your time and inspiration.

Creative #1: J_ _ _ _ _ _/ V_ _ _/ J_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Yoga teacher, visual artist, breath worker, travel extraordinaire and Airbnb evangelist. Staying with new Hosts approximately once/ week, and with a deep passion for life and kind-heartedness to the fullest. See the moment I met her while I was filming a short video on New Years Resolutions below :35. Also, feel free to enjoy a collection of songs I made for her during the quarantine:


“ L.O.Y.O “

Creative #2: K _ _/ U _ _ _ _ _ _ _/ K _ _ _ _ _ Dancer, event planner, cook (@oishiifoodsbykay), actor and publishing agent. With a completely contagious sense of humor she really needs no introduction, so we’ll let her shine for herself in this 8-minute Point-of-view Film we made together:


Creative #3: A_ _ _ _ _/ F_ _ _ _ _/ R _ _ _ Remote worker, storyteller, Airbnb travel fanatic (@confia_en_el_proceso) and discoverer of the Tape-A-Call app, which we used to record stories from his 1-year artventure through South America in 2020. With new audio recording and other transcription technology apps, his vision is to help Hosts and Guests tell more stories on the Airbnb platform. For trip reports and longer reviews, using blogs and podcasts to do so. He is extremely passionate about the Airbnb product/ service, and the long-lasting relationships between Hosts and Guests. See him in this short trailer at the :38 second mark:


Creative #4: B _ _ / L_ _ _ _ / S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ My ultimate dream is to become a talent agency for storytellers of many mediums. These 3 people, who I only begin to describe above, are some of the top undiscovered creatives around the world. Their life stories and passions go far beyond these words here today. Which is why I love to use Point-of-view Filmmaking to show the super personal spaces between the faces in the places we call home. No cameras pointing at people, just eyes looking deeper and ears hearing softer. I often think of it as EmpathyTV. The act of seeing from someone else’s eyes is a lot like seeing through a local lens. Bringing us closer to community.


This style is fitting for my generation because we’re on the move, and we want to know our neighbors wherever we are. Everyone has a story to transcribe. These are the technologies and the people that I love. To be part of this family would be dream come true.