2-week Writer In Residency 🏆

Hello Hello. Alright so we’re doing an update about the current situation, and welcome back. I’m your host, I suppose it’s true, for the past-future moment — I’m back for a quick update. We recently, Apparently, won a writing residency, a 2-week writing in residency at LFOD.life. And so we’re going to be leaving our capital oh capital city. We’ll be leaving Queens Boulevard too, which we can’t afford, and we’ll be headed back down south again. For two weeks, with a possible week extension. The project is a family business plan, slash, family, intellectual property plan. And we’re gonna do it in the form of a classic business plan. Also in, mixed with the style of a, of a short story, and it will probably be between 45 and 90 pages. So between 45 and 90 minutes of reading. You can get it done in a night or two. And this is possibly a sequel part to, to the, the Maniacs of New York. And so anyways, the overall big picture here is for many artists, you know, in life, you either become an artist, or you don’t. You either evolve, sort of back to your original state. As a child with an open imagination and honest imagination and creativity and curious curiosity for the world, or you don’t. So that’s essentially the game that we have here for everybody. You either, sort of, emotionally evolve, or you don’t, or you die, we said that very, we said that in an accent. You won’t be able to hear that accent when you read, or maybe you will. Maybe this technology can record accents and sarcasm, but that wasn’t sarcasm, that was an accent. Okay we’re digressing. So we’re leaving in two days we bought our flight. And we’re going to do this writer residency. And it’ll be close to nature. And it’s essentially our gift to our family after a couple years of healing. And, but that comes from estrangement, which comes from, you know, A long story of five family members. And a lot of turmoil, and a lot of hurt and pain and anger. So we’re going to be working on that, it has to do with filmmaking. It has to do with music making. It has to do with grad school, specifically a master’s in narrative psych Khaleeji which could essentially turn into our five years. Basically to this point we have had about five, almost 10 years of experimental filmmaking and which is experimental psychology. There is a experimental psychology degree overthinking this narrative psychology degree. And that could turn into even more education. I would like to be in school, studying at a university for the rest of my life. Shout out to tn sumo at Zoo aura. At subscribed, an excellent book about the future of business, subscriptions memberships. Lifetime Customer Value. We’re also writing a side article, how to start using Instagram and stop consuming it, because it’s an incredible community platform tool for communication. So that’s a little side article that we think will help our immediate network and help ourselves to understand the game of Instagram. Instagram is just an example here for all the social communication tools. So, yeah, we’d like to be in school. For the next 15 years. And they’re my both my parents are in the healthcare business. And I think that’s, that’s kind of where I’m, I’m coming from with with this is, is, you know, healthcare is healthcare. Just people care, and people hearing people, helping them tell their stories right so it is about life stories, and the ways to unlock the memories, and to help. Go back and access memories. And, and both our parents I think are going to have a lot to say about the ideas for how to spend a whole life, helping people and patients to get through emotional, psychological pain, and family pain with storytelling, and life story interviewing life story world work life story exchange. And so the family business plan is simply the entire world is a corporation now. It’s Planet Earth incorporated and every single, breathing human being is their own company, and a family unit is a small company. So we’re talking about LLC seeing yourself, LLC in your relationships, LLC in your family unit. And you could even take it further to say, to LLC, your city, you know, where everyone is a stakeholder. Every resident. So it’s this is, this is like the economic family unit. And we believe that economics and emotion, the emotional family unit, they’re directly correlated. You can’t separate the two, you cannot separate the economy from the emotional landscape of the world, and at the end of the day this is all in service of the community specifically to reduce and eventually eliminate deep poverty. That’s emotional poverty and economic poverty. Psychological poverty mental power, mental health, mental illness, these type of things. And so yeah, we would love to study for as for the rest of our life and become a narrative psychologist and experimental psychologist filmmaker artists Muse musician journalist, you know all the using all the tools to help to assist people in telling their life stories, and letting that publication, you know, helping them eventually. It’s probably a 12 step program. But offering this to our elders, and our homeless population. And definitely, specifically our women because they are the largest population of oppressed, abused, people at 50% of the entire population. Free the women, free the world. That’s a major idea that we’re going to continue pushing forward for the rest of our life. And yeah, there’s going to be. There’s going to be this entrepreneurial venture where the company, the family company. And with an each person has a family card where or escrow, its credit card or escrow, something like this I mean, but the idea is to offer this to the whim, right, the women and the families and the artists, elders, homeless women, families and artists for them all to tell their stories, their life stories, copyright those stories. That’s intellectual property, more so that’s family intellectual property. And that is an incredible investment in oneself to tell the full life story. And then to have a company that represents them, their story and shops it around and looks for, you know, publications, or maybe we’re, I think we are essentially a public a publishing house. I think we’re a publishing house in the beginning and then and then once we have a little more momentum we go into films and music. Yeah, this is like the life story world. life story exchange, brought to you by my, my family’s last name, unlimited incorporated whatever, not a big fan of the word corporate or corporation, but whatever, whatever is voted on, that’s probably the last thing is the family vote. You know there’s five of us so it works out quite nicely. And then write the music is like the music leads us into mergers family mergers and possible recordings and royalties and masters of songs that we’ve been working on for you know, a different way of thinking about love, family, community, etc. So I think that’s the update, my hands are getting cold. Even though the spring is here, which is lovely. Excellent work, spring for getting here. And we will tune back in soon when, when we are set up, and writing every day, and breathing every day in some nature, and taking a break from the city. This last experience in Queens has been an up close look at deep poverty, and also deep community. So that’s where we’re at right now. All right, thank you for reading and talk to you soon. Ciao for now. Bye.


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